Arm Workouts

These workouts have an emphasis on toning the muscles of your arms and shoulders. Strong arms and shoulders are necessary for a variety of life activities. Whether you are climbing mountains or carrying groceries be sure not to neglect your arms if you want a strong and balanced body. 

Slim and Sculpted Arms Workout

Target Area: Arms

30 Minute Dumbbell Workout

Flab-U-Less Arms and Abs

Static and Dynamic Body Sculpt

Bikini Ready Arms and Abs

Strength Building Workout

Guns and Glutes

Arms and Abs

Push Up Challenge: 9 Push Up Variations

5 Minute Arm Workout

Sexy Arms Workout

Tight Butt, Stomach, and Arms Workout

15 Minute Home Workout: Ab, Arm, Booty Blast

Tight Arms and Abs

Flab Free Arms and Abs

Tight Thighs and Arms Fat Burn

Sun Salutations


  1. hi! do you have any workouts for just triceps and just biceps?


  2. i do your workouts everyday.. but is it cheating if i put on a thermal sweat suit? lol

  3. melissa-i think that your site is one of the best out there. informative/inspiring 360 degrees. do you have any suggestions or site suggestions for a guy who has never been able to add arm size? thanks so much! again, your site is awesome.

  4. I found this site on pinterest. Working out my arms has always been a challenge and toning them is important to me. I found a great workout for the arms that i have been working hard out. I think it is about increasing your weight will increase muscle mass. You can start off small 5 to 8 pounds and work up to 10, 12 ,15 will help build muscles.

  5. Hi Melissa, love your workouts!!!:) I am excited to start your twelve week bikini comp workouts tomorrow. I wanted to add some of your arm workouts 2 or 3 times a week also, an wondered which ones you recommend I do. Arms are my problem area!!!!!! Thanks x

  6. wow, absoultely wonderful, i totally loved the way you described arm workouts for women one by one, this is the best blog i ever commented on

  7. My arms are one of my problem areas. I have always wanted really toned arms but my arms have always been on the heavier side even though i lose weight and tone up in other areas. I have been strength training and it is slowly making a difference. You have some good tips. I will definitely mix it up with some of your tips.

  8. Hi, I was just wondering if you had any workouts for your back? I have really bad posture and would like to improve it and work on strength to help.