Workouts with Weights

Theses workouts utilize dumbbells and/or free weights. Adding weights to your workout is a great way to increase the challenge and build lean muscle mass. 

Weights and Intervals: Full Body Sculpt in Under 20 Minutes

30 Minute Dumbbell Workout

Tabata Interval Training: Burn Baby Burn

Full Body Workout: Strengthen, Sweat and Run

Better Booty Workout: Glutes, Hamstrings, Thighs and Legs

Bonus Round: Dip Station and Weights

Slim and Sculpted Arms

Rock Solid Rear Workout

Love HIIT: 10 Minute Dumbbell Workout

Sweaty to Sculpted: 10 Minute HIIT

10 Minute HIIT Interval: Bikini Body Toning

15 Minute Sculpted Body Home Workout

Dancer Body Workout

10 Minute Bikini Toning Home workout

Weighted Weekday Workout

Low Impact 8 Minute Interval: Weighted Abs/Core

Low Impact: 8 Minute Interval: Lower Body

Booty Bump Workout

Lower Body: Shape and Strengthen

Power Yoga Sun Salutation

Lower Body Blast: Burn, Shape and Sculpt

Push It: Home Workout

Full Body Burn

Extreme Sweat: Full Body Home Workout

Improve Your Rear View

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