Weekly and Monthly Workout Schedules

12 Week Bikini Competition Prep Monthly Workout Breakdown (For 12 week prep start with month 1; 8 week prep starts at month 2; and 4 week prep starts at month 3): 

Month 1 Bikini Prep Workouts

Month 2 Bikini Prep Workouts

Month 3 Bikini Prep Workouts

Weekly Workouts:

Exercise and Multi-Tasking: Weekly Workout Schedule For a Busy Lifestyle: Week 1

Weekly Home Workout Plan: Week 2

Weekly Workout Schedule and Challenge: Week 3

Week 4 Workout Schedule

A Week of Workouts

My workouts for the past year broken down month by month:

Month 1 Workouts

Month 2 Workouts

Month 3 Workouts

Month 4 Workouts

Top 10 Most Popular Workouts:
Top 10 Bender Fitness Workout Videos

Weekday Workouts:

Sunday Night Meltdown

Monday Night Delight Workout

Monday Fat Meltdown

Manic Monday Workout

Weekend Warrior Cardio Burn


  1. I for the life of me cannot do the Ninja squat. Any tips? I try jumping and my right back leg "drags" and get into the squat. I can if I am kneeling on a bolster. TIPS?

    1. You can keep doing the bolster variation until you gain a little bit more lift. Or you can do the step up variation: Start sitting on your knees, Step up one foot at a time until you are in a low squat. You can then straighten your legs and squeeze your glutes, or finish it with a jump up. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Melissa, love your blog! as I look throuhg it I feel its an amazing piece of work and informacion your giving us, so thank you so much... you look amazing!

    I am going to start with the months work outs and my question to you is that if i should complement them with some cardio?

    i go to the gym and work on my cardio for an hour so, the exercices that you are proposing here are to do after the cardio?

    1. I would definitely recommend complimenting with some cardio. I am a runner, and I love incorporating both into my workouts. I like to average about 30 minutes of cardio with my workouts, about 1 day per week I do about an hour. Just make sure that your body is getting enough rest. You should be getting stronger and gain more endurance from your workouts, so if you find that your body is getting very tired from the combination be sure to pay attention and cut back. :)

      I hope that helps!

  3. Hi
    I gave birth 17 months ago and have yet to drop the remaining 15 pounds to get back to my prepregnancy weight. I stummbled upon your blog through pinterest while i was pinning some exercises. It's the end of february and I want to get beach ready (tone my belly fat, lose the lovehandles and lift, tone and increase my buttsize) what exercises of yours do you reccomend me trying? I long for a flat tummy, I have NEVER had a flat belly.
    Thank you so much

  4. Hi Melissa! I began reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and decided to begin your Bikini Prep Workouts last Monday. I have to tell you that you are such an inspiration and I have noticed wonderful changes in my body and muscle tone. I had been struggling to come up with a plan to meet my goals and when I found your blog through Pinterest I was jumping with joy! I've been sticking to your monthly plans and I love the variety of workouts and challenges, it really keeps me motivated. Just wanted to let you know that you're appreciated and you look amazing. I wanted to ask you first, but I would like to share your blog through a post on my blog. I feel like your site is too wonderful to keep a secret. Please let me know if ok by you, just wanted to commend you and share the high protein peanut butter greek yogurt snack with my readers too :)

  5. if i did month 1-4 workouts how much weight do you think its possible to lose? im 17, 149 weight, and 5'6". than

  6. I am SO excited to try your bikini prep workouts! I'm an SLP and I'm pumped that you're an OT...for some reason that makes you seem so much more real to me. It's cool to see someone use more of a bootcamp style, full body approach to bikini comp. I'll def send you progress pics!

  7. LOVE your blog, Melissa!!Your videos are very helpful for someone like me, who needs step-by-step instructions. I really need to lose weight (about 70 to 80 pounds) Where do you suggest that I start on my healthy weight loss journey. I want get into a healthy/fit lifestyle for me & my family, but don't know where to begin. I would definitely appreciate your help.

  8. Hi Melissa,
    I am very happy that you provide such excellent information and workouts that don't require the gym. I however do belong to a gym and wonder to get a body similar to your do you lift free weights and if so how is the best way to incorporate everything to get in great shape like you?
    I appreciate all your help and advice!

  9. Hi Melissa-- thank you sharing great workout and nutritional advice! I'm just curious as to why some of the workouts are shorter than an hour. I've read that to lose weight one should exercise for at least 60 minutes. Thank you for your advice. You're such an inspiration.

  10. Thank you so much for all of your great workouts! It makes it easy to know what to do and they are all workouts that are done quickly which is great for a college student like me! You are such an inspiration to me as I am in my 1st year of Occupational Therapy school and I have a total love of all things related to health and fitness! Thank you! :)

  11. The quality of your blogs and conjointly the articles and price appreciating.

  12. Awesome blog Melissa! I use my Octane Q47 a lot and you serve as a very big inspiration to me. Hopefully I can have the body you have in no time, lord knows I'm working for it! Thank you again for bringing us help.

  13. Melissa, do you have maybe somewhere printable version of your workouts?

    Thanks in advance

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  16. Hi Melissa. My name is Ivana and i am from a beautiful country called Croatia. I found your web page by pure case and it inspired me to start takig care of my body. I have been seriously overweight for ten years now. I used to be fit but than came my two pregnancies and a 25kg weight gane and quilt trip and somehow i am stuck in this vicous cirkle. But now is enough and i want to look and feel my best. I just need help as how to start. 30 day challenge or? Any addvice? Kind regards