Interval Workouts

Interval Workout are very High Intensity. With these workouts you are going for the maximum amount of reps in a limited time period (often 20-60 seconds). Rest breaks are short, and you keep your heart rate high throughout the workout. These workouts are great for burning fat. As always, listen to your body. Be sure to warm up and cool down when you do any of these workouts. 

20 Minute Full Body Interval Workout

Cardio: 15 Minute High Intensity Workout

23 Minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval) Workout

15 Minute Body Weight Interval Workout

Power Interval Workout with Treadmill

Tabata Interval Training: Burn Baby Burn

Interval Exercise Challenge: 7 to 21 Minutes

3-pete Full Body Interval Workout 7-21 Minutes

10 Minute Full Length Ab Workout

4 Round Boot Camp: Body Sculpting Fat Blast

Make Me Sweat

Couch Potato Crunch Time: Use commercials to time your Intervals

20 Minute HIIT: How To

Hard Bombshell Body

16 Minute Ab Fat Shredder

15 Minute HIIT

Sweat-acular Workout

15 Minute Cardio Cutup

Full Body Sweat Session

5 for 5 Workout

Abs and Cardio

Tighter Tush and Abs

Abs in a Hurry: 10 Minute Workout

3 Sets to Fitness

10 Minute Total Core Toner

Fat Free Workout

Ab and Butt Toner

Sculpt Your Body

Intense 8 Minute Ab Interval

Intense 8 Minute Cardio Interval


  1. i found your site very useful for working out!!...keep up the good work! and could u make more of lower body and cardio HIITs?

    1. Absolutely! There is a new one I filmed today that you will like. :)

  2. So excited about having this website as a reference. Leaving for vacation tomorrow and I already have the 20 min HIIT workout on the schedule. Thanks!!

  3. this is a great website!! im very happy to have found this. it is simple to follow but really helps. I dont always have time to commit to the the gym so these 15 minute exercises really help!

  4. Love your website and specifically your interval training workouts. Do you have a calculation on how many calories are burned for these workouts, as I am trying to track on Fitnesss Pal. Thanks so much.

  5. heyy i just found all of ur cardio workouts compiled here!!...

  6. I just became a certified personal trainer and this blog has been the most beneficial tool for me! THANK YOU for the way you show the exercises and explain. This is one of the most beneficial web-sites I have ever been to!!

  7. Hi Melissa,
    I think your blog is absolutely amazing. I am 15 months after having a baby. I was in a really great shape before and during the pregnancy. Now I am still getting to where I would like to be, since I hardly have time for anything. I am so grateful for workouts I can do right in my living room with my toddler next to me.
    I do have a question-during my pregnancy my ab muscles separated, and I think they aren't healed yet. I am confused by all the info out there-some say no to leg lifts, some say no to you have any advise for me?
    Thank you again so much!!!

  8. Hello Melissa,
    can you help me with my running training ? I run early morning 6 times per week , but I never did interval running training , I just run for more km every time, how can I do interval training outside ? And how can I get rid of low stomach?
    you can see me on my blog
    truly yours Beba

  9. Hi my name is amy im 32 have 2 kids used to workout akl the time getting back into it now cuz of you but can you plz clear some things up i used to walk everyday and do weights in my upper and kower body twice a week and abs as much as i could handke but is the hiit the same as doing cardio and then just add ur toning and abs withit im just confusec how to scheduke it maybe does the full body workouts need cardio added to them help lom