Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yoga Flow: Strength and Stretch: 20 Minute Sequence

Hi Everyone!

Today's workout is a Yoga Flow (the video is below). This is a great one to help improve your flexibility and build strength in your body at the same time. 

Several studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly are more aware of their bodies hunger signals and are less likely to overeat. Also, yoga helps increase awareness of the body which improves execution of exercises and physical movements. 

I hope you guys enjoy this flow. I had fun filming it and it felt great to stretch. I really need to work on getting my flexibility back. I am going to create a basic flexibility stretch routine that can be done daily. 

I will be sharing my progress and Jesse's progress with the stretching. Of course you are welcome to join us. :) 

Flexibility can help prevent biomechanics imbalances that cause injury, and it can help protect your muscles. Make a little bit of time to fit it into your schedule!

See you later with a new workout!

PS I haven't tried Flying Pigeon Pose in a long time so I decided to give it a whirl. It wasn't the prettiest because I haven't practiced in a long time, and my hip flexors have lost some flexibility. Here is the starting picture. Hopefully after I incorporate my stretching routine I will be able to flatten out my back, hold through the core, and lift the leg a little bit higher. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Original 30 Day Workout Challenge

Below are links to 30 different workouts from my original 30 Day Workout Challenge! 
You can find this challenge, links to the New 30 Day Workout Challenge and the 30 Day Sculpted Abs Challenge HERE

Don't forget to check in and let me know how you're doing, and if you're keeping up with the challenge! You can check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

Day 1: 15 Minute HIIT Core Fat Burn

Day 2: Full Body Fat Melting Workout

Day 3: Muffin Top Meltdown: Exercises to Melt Your Muffin Top

Day 4: Arm and Leg Sculpt

Day 5: Yoga Flow

Day 6: 20 Minute HIIT Shred and Shape

Day 7: Wedding Boot Camp

Day 8: Standing Buns and Thigh Slimming Workout 15 Minutes

Day 9: 15 Minute Cardio Fat Melting Workout

Day 10: 15 Minutes to a Tighter Core

Day 11: 15 Minute Arm Flab-U-Less Workout

Day 12: 15 Minute HIIT Body

Day 13: Core and Cardio

Day 14: Tight Booty, Toned Abs

Day 15: Burpee Body Burn HIIT: 19 Minutes

Day 16: 15 Minute Body Toning HIIT

Day 17: Yoga Stretch and Recovery with Cardio

Day 18: HIIT To Be Fit! Jump Rope and Fat Burn

Day 19: Dumbbell Inteval Sculpt (15 Minutes)

Day 20: Belly Fat Banisher: Ab and Fat Burn HIIT (15 Minutes)

Day 21: Low Impact Lower Body Workout (15 Minutes)

Day 22: 15 Minute HIIT Cardio: No Treadmill Necessary

Day 23: Core Galore 16 Minute HIIT

Day 24: Full Body Sweat: 15 Minute HIIT

Day 25: Kickin' Cardio: 15 Minute HIIT

Day 26: 15 Minute Full Body HIIT

Day 27: Arm and Belly Fat Burn with Jump Rope (20 Minute HIIT)

Day 28: Leg and Thigh Toning Workout (15 Minute HIIT)

Day 29: Total Tummy Toning Workout (15 Minute HIIT)

Day 30: 15 Minute HIIT Cardio and Body Sculpt


Check out Toni's Results Here!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Warrior Split Squat Challenge

Hi Everyone! 

This is my challenge exercise of the day. Be sure to watch the video for the correct form of this exercise. Try to complete the movement without weights first. Proper form is imperative during this exercise. 

The back should remain flat and straight throughout the movement. During the Split Squat, press through the heel, and maintain an Up and Down movement (not forward and backward). 

Have fun!

PS You can check in with your progress during the challenge on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

-Repeat 7-10 Reps Per Leg, 1-3 Rounds. 
-Select a weight that is an appropriate challenge for you, or complete this exercise with body weight only. 

Lower Body Sculpt and Shape: Home Workout for Butt, Thighs and Legs

Hi Everyone!

I think you're going to enjoy the challenge of today's Lower Body Workout. This one uses some great moves to sculpt and shape the lower body from every angle. To get the best results both functionally and aesthetically it's important to create muscular balance in your body and strengthen all of the supporting muscles. These exercises are super effective for toning, strengthening and sculpting. 

I also filmed a bonus lower body challenge move, which is probably my favorite lower body exercise. I will be posting that video later today so check back. You can find the link here: Warrior Split Squat Challenge.

Don't forget that the Sculpted Abs Challenge is still going on. You can do this workout on it's own of pair it with one of the Ab Challenge workouts. 

See you later with another new workout!

PS You can check in with your progress during the challenge on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

1. Plie Squat Press
2. Down Dog Cross (right)
3. Down Dog Cross (left)
4. Side Lunge Lift (right)
5. Side Lunge Lift (left)
6. Runners Lunge Kick (right)
7. Runners Lunge Kick (left)
8. Leg Series (right)
9. Leg Series (left)
10. Forward Fold Stretch

Repeat 1-3X

Plie Squat Press: Turn Toes Out.
Plie Squat until thighs come to parallel.
Press through the heels to lift and press the weight toward the ceiling. 

Leg Series: Keep the Hips Lifted through the Exercise.
Lift the Leg Toward the Ceiling.
Drop the hips toward the floor and then lift pressing through the foot.

Runners Lunge Kick.
Start in a Runners Lunge Holding a Weight in front of your forward foot.
Bend the elbow to lift the weight to your shoulders.
Press through the front heel to lift to standing position.
Kick the back leg in front of you.
Return to starting position. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Minute Ab Workout: Exercises for a Tighter Tummy

Hi Everyone!

This is a 5 Minute Ab Workout Challenge. I found it surprisingly challenging for such a quick workout! You can pair this with a cardio workout, with a Sculpted Abs Challenge workout, or complete it as a workout on it's own. 

I enjoyed the quick workout burst I got with this routine. I might try adding it into my mornings 2-3X per week before I go to work. 

I did a 4.7 mile run outside right before doing this workout. I am also posting a link to a cardio workout video below as an alternative if you would like to increase the workout intensity. 

I hope you enjoy the workout! See you tomorrow with a new one! Don't forget to check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to let me know how you're doing with the challenge. :)


Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 5 rounds of 10/50. 

1. Frogger
2. Hip Lift Hook
3. Plank Leg Lift
4. Bicycle
5. Mountain Climber

*You can repeat this workout if you are up to the challenge!

Click HERE for a list of Cardio Workouts. 

or try:

15 Minute Cardio Cut-Up Workout

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Full Body Sweat: 15 Minute HIIT (body weight workout)

Hi Everyone!

The Sculpted Abs Challenge continues. This workout combines cardio bursts with some great full body compound movements. Compound movements increase the caloric burn of workouts and improve your overall level of fitness. 

I repeated this workout 2X last night. I would have loved to repeat it a third time, and pair it with a run, but I didn't have enough time. 

Don't forget to check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to let me know how you're doing with the challenge! 

Have fun!

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 rounds of 10/50. 

1. Sumo Squat Tap (right)
2. Sumo Squat Tap (left)
3. High Knees
4. Jump Kick (right)
5. Jump Kick (left)
6. High Knees
7. Mountain Climber Pushups
8. Table Top
9. High Knees
10. Russian Twist
11. Alternating Hip Thrust
12. High Knees
13. Hi-Low Table Kicks (right)
14. Hi-Low Table Kicks (left)
15. High Knees

Repeat 1-3X

***Jesse and I have been posting Sneak Peek Tutorial videos on Instagram***: 
Sneak Peek Tutorial Alternating Hip Thrust:

Sneak Peek: Mountain Climber Push-ups

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick and Fun: 16 Minute Home Workout

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from my recent bout with a stomach virus and ready to continue the Sculpted Abs Challenge

I incorporated several new moves in this workout, so if you're not sure how to complete the new exercises be sure to watch the video to learn proper form. 

You can repeat this workout up to 3X, and it's a good one to pair with some cardio. I am easing back into working out after being off all week due to my illness so I only went through it once, but I am looking forward to another workout today. 

Don't forget to check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to let me know how you're doing with the challenge! I have been seeing some great check in posts!

Have fun!

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 16 rounds of 10/50. 

1. Push-up Jacks
2. Frogger to Chair
3. Inner Thigh Squeeze (right)
4. Inner Thigh Squeeze (left)
5. Prone Heel Press
6. Knee Cross Plank to Side Plank (right)
7. Knee Cross Plank to Side Plank (left)
8. Side Lunge Curtsy (right)
9. Side Lunge Curtsy (left)
10. Bridge Hopper (right)
11 Bridge Hopper (left)
12. Wide Leg Plank Crunch
13. Twisting Lunge (right)
14. Twisting Lunge (left)
15. Pendulum Plank (right)
16. Pendulum Plank (left)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hold Steady, Hard Body Workout: No Equipment (HIIT)

Hi Everyone!

One round of this workout takes 15 minutes to complete. This routine combines static and dynamic exercises to challenge your body and muscles in different ways. 

I repeated this workout 2X and followed it with a 4 mile easy paced run outside. 

I apologize for how long it took me to get the workout breakdown posted. Jesse and I have been suffering from a terrible stomach virus for the last several days. My stomach was bothering me during some of the ab portions of this workout, but the illness didn't really strike until later in the evening. 

I have barely been able to move all week, let alone workout. I am still not up to any exercise today, but I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to start easing back into my normal routine. In the meantime check the list of exercises here: Sculpted Abs Challenge to continue with the challenge. I will be re-joining as soon as I am able!

Don't forget to check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to let me know how you're doing with the challenge! I have been seeing some great check in posts!


Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 rounds of 10/50. 

1. Plank
2. Windshield Wiper Plank
3. Heel Tap Plank
4. Goddess Pose
5. Plie/Goddess Jumps
6. Burpees
7. Leg Raise Hold
8. V-Ups
9. Temple Tap Abs
10. Chair Pose (hold)
11. Chair Taps Twist
12. Squat Jumps
13. Down Dog (hold)
14. Dive Bombers
15. Cheek to Cheek

Friday, May 9, 2014

Quick Core Challenge: Sculpted Abs Workout

Hi Everyone!

The Sculpted Abs Challenge continues! This workout is set up in a different format. I utilized a modified Tabata approach to the workout. The video, and a picture tutorial can be found below. 

Tabata workouts only take 4 minutes, but it is 4 minutes of 100% effort/intensity. The breakdown is 20 seconds of maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is especially effective on an exercise bike, treadmill, or on a track. 

This workout uses the same 20/10 formula. One round takes 12 minutes. Due to the complexity of the movements you can't work at quite the same level of intensity as you would doing sprints or biking, so I repeated each movement 3X before moving onto the next exercise. 

If you want to try another Tabata style workout check out: Burn Baby Burn for a challenging workout tutorial.

Have fun! Don't forget to check in on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to let me know how you're doing with the challenge! I have been seeing some great check in posts!


Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 24 rounds of 10/20 second intervals. 

*Repeat each exercise 3X before moving onto the next exercise. 

1. Supergirl Pushups
2. Table Crunch
3. Dive Bomber
4. Down Dog Hop
5. Temple Tap Abs
6. Leg Circles (right)
7. Leg Circles (left)
8. Twisting Leg/Hip Lift

Supergirl Pushup: Extend Opposite arm and leg.
Return to Plank.
Repeat on the other side.  
Table Crunch: Keep the hips lifted and core tight.
Bring the Knee up and Tap with your hand.  
Table Crunch: Alternate Legs throughout the movement.
Focus on keeping the hips lifted and back flat. 
Dive Bomber: Starting in Down Dog position, bend the arms and lower your chest toward the floor.
Press forward through the chest into an up-dog position.
Bend the arms and lift the hips to return to starting position. 
Down Dog Hop: Starting in Plank draw your knee in toward the nose, while keeping the core tight.
Extend the leg back and up, while hopping on the standing leg.
Return to plank and repeat on the opposite side. 
Temple Tap Abs: Pull the core in tight.
Lift the legs, and shoulder blades off the floor while keeping the core tight.
Hands start at prayer position in the center of your chest.
Tap your elbow toward the top corner of your mat, alternating sides.  
Leg Circles: Lift the shoulder blades and legs, keeping the core tight.
Start with the right leg and make circles, while keeping the lower leg as still as possible.
The higher you lift the top leg the more challenging the movement becomes.
Do three sets on the right, before moving on to the left side. 
Twisting Leg/Hip Lift: Lift the shoulder blades and legs, keeping the core tight.
Lift your legs and hips off the floor, trying to press your feet toward the ceiling.
Keeping the core tight, lower your legs toward the left corner of the room.
Return to center, hip lift, and lower your legs toward the right corner of the room.
Try to keep you legs off the ground the entire time. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

15 Minute Beach Body Breakdown Workout

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're ready for a brand new workout! This is a full body workout. One round takes 15 minutes, and the routine can be repeated up to 3X. I went through this workout for time, but you can also choose to complete it for reps. 

You can also pair this workout with the workout of the day from the 30 Day Sculpted Abs Workout Challenge.

I followed this workout with a 5.5 Mile run outside. This was our first day back from our long weekend in the Dominican Republic, and I was glad that it was sunny here! 

At the bottom of this page I have posted two workout challenge moves that I posted from Punta Cana. 

Have fun!

PS Don't forget to check in on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 Rounds of 10/50.

1. Burpees
2. Rolling Ab Crunch
3. Lunge Jump
4. Burpees
5. Spiderman Plank
6. Goddess Squat/Side Kick
7. Burpees
8. Russian Kicks
9. Single Leg Warrior 3 Squats
10. Burpees
11. Rotating Side Plank with Leg Lift
12. Alternating Pistol Squats
13. Burpees
14. Leg/Hip Lift
15. In/Out Jumps

Complete as many Reps as possible in 5 minutes. 

Complete 3 sets of 10-20 Reps. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

30 Day: Sculpted Abs Challenge

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the 30 Day Sculpted Abs Challenge! 

I will be posting new workouts and challenge moves through the month, but this is a great reference list to bookmark and use so you never miss a day. 

Below are 30 Different Core/Ab Focused Workouts. You can add any of these workouts to your normal routine or use them as your workout for the day. 

As always, listen to your body. Even through this challenge is focused on the core I will be incorporating full body workouts throughout the month. A strong core is the foundation of your strength. Take rest days as needed throughout the month, and focus on making healthy food choices. 

Don't forget to have fun! You can check in with your progress during the challenge on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  A strong core will make you more effective during all of your workouts!