Yoga Flows:

Yoga Flow Workout: Lean Stretch Fat Burn

25 Minute Home Yoga Flow

20 Minute Yoga Flow and Stretch

Strength and Stretch Yoga: 20 Minutes

Yoga: Stretch and Strength: 20 Minute Flow-Full Body

30 Minute Yoga Flow

30 Minute Flow and Stretch

Yoga Arm Balance: Bakasana (Crane/Crow, Side Crane) How To

Stretch and Lean Yoga Flow

Full Body Yoga Stretch: Great for Runners

Beach Yoga: Riviera Maya

Yoga Body Burn: 16 Minutes

23 Minute Yoga Fitness Flow

Home Yoga Flow

Yoga Fusion Fat Burn

Dynamic Yoga Flow

Fountain of Youth: The 5 Tibetans

Seated Office Yoga to Sustain Health

Standing Yoga Flow for Butt, Thighs, Legs and Back

Sun Salutations

Full Body Stretching: Great for Runners


  1. Yoga is not only for health but also its for our mental refreshment. So we need practice yoga regularly for our mind and health.

  2. Do you do any prenatal yoga? Or have recommendations? I've never done yoga but heard its great while pregnant!

    1. I love Jennifer Wolfe's Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD! Used it throughout both of my pregnancies. You should be able to find it on Amazon.

  3. Dear Melissa.

    I love your workouts and you! I was wondering if you think a person can stay fit with only Yoga and eating right. I've been reading some information and it seems like you can if you build your intensity. Also, what is your favorite form of yoga and how many different forms do you practice?

    Thank you for all of your encouraging posts!

  4. Melissa,
    I am almost done with my Masters in OT and I am so happy to have found your blog. I have dreamed about being able to follow my passion towards OT as well teach yoga and kickboxing and didn't know if I could. You are so inspiring! Thanks for this boost!

  5. i like you blog its always greate to learn

  6. Hi Melissa,

    I was wondering if you could create a yoga video for the ultimate beginner. My mom is wanting to try yoga but is intimidated by some of the poses and the fast pace of some videos. I'm having a hard time finding the perfect video for her. She needs instruction on the proper technique for the poses and safe modifications for them as well. She is overweight and has arthritis and is having a hard time finding the right routine for her. Hopefully you can help! Thank you!


  7. Great pictures, how long have you been working yoga? Your body looks amazing. gym

  8. Hi Melissa!
    I have been practicing yoga daily and focusing on flexibility since May (about 7/8 months). Although I feel great I have made very little progress with flexibility. I just discovered that the nervous system has a huge impact on flexibility. Since I have never really stretched ( i used to loathe it) until now is it possible that at 32 years old I will never be able to do more advanced poses like splits or king pigeon? I know in yoga u are not supposed to be attached to the end result but honestly I am ha! (something else I'm working on). But more importantly I'm just curious as to why I'm not progressing. Is there any way to increase muscle pliability? To where I retain my flexibility even when I am not warmed up? As of now, every day I step on my mat it feels like day one. I can barely touch my toes until I'm very warmed up.

  9. My family is full of body builders and health nuts. My brother recommended me a couple of online yoga videos. Which fortunately proved enough for me.