Friday, January 6, 2012

Body Rock Sport: My New Favorite Fit Fashion

Hi Everyone,
I have to admit that I have a weakness when it comes to fashionable fitness clothes. I LOVE them! Finding a great new sports bra that is comfortable, functional and fashionable can be quite a trial. Anytime I find a brand that meets all three of these criterion it’s a cause for celebration.
My new favorite fitness brand is Body Rock Sport by Kelly Dooley. Their website is:
They have a ton of different styles to choose from. They range from low impact to high impact, sexy to functional, and they are all fashionable.
I tried out the Durga Bra and Booty shorts from the yoganista collection last night. The bra made me look a little bit bustier than I expected so if you want more coverage go a size up from what you think you need. I wasn’t sure how the shorts and top would stay in place while I worked out, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything fit comfortably, and stayed where it should while I worked out!
I pretty much want everything on the site, but the sports bras that are currently topping my wishlist are: Cher, Pam, Annie, Diana, and Elena. They also have great bottoms, and tops. So be sure to check them out!
Do you have any favorite fitness brands?
PS The pictures below are of me trying out the Durga bra and shorts in gold burnout.
The blue bra I am rocking in my profile picture is the Kelsey bra from their collection.


  1. I love fitness fashions, and I am always looking for ways to look polished while I work out. You have that covered, great ideas for shopping.

  2. You would definitely be a body rock girl. Some of the sports bras have swarovski crystals. :) Plus they have cute tanks.

  3. These workout clothes are so sexy!!! Can you make a workout video wearing these clothes?

    In addition, I would love to see you do more workout videos wearing workout shorts and ankle socks... You have such a sexy body and legs... You should show them off more often =) Keep up the good work.


    1. Mike sounds like a creeper. I'd watch this one!

  4. Gorgeous!! Compliments.

  5. beautiful workout body good work keep it up