Monday, October 17, 2011

Warm-up/Cool Down- Sun Salutations

All good workouts should start with a warm-up. It doesn't matter what type of workout you are doing after your warm-up, Sun Salutations work every muscle in your body. They can also be used as a cool down, or a full workout (just vary the reps). For todays workout I recommend doing 2 full Sun Salutations to start, and 2 for cooldown.


  1. Amazing yoga poses. Makes me want to do yoga asap.I would love a video of just standing poses if you have such a routine.

  2. I will create a standing pose routine this week and post it. :) Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Just want to say I love your workouts! I have been following your month 1 bikini comp prep, but recently was ordered by the doctor to stay off my foot for a couple weeks -- not sure what I did, but I am missing doing your workouts!!
    Keep up the excellent work! It's easy to stay motivated when you are so inspirational!

    1. Thank you so much Allison! I hope your foot is feeling better!

  4. Awesome! I did it as a cool down after a hard workout, it's feeling great :) Thanks, Melissa!