Friday, January 2, 2015

HIIT the New Year Hard: Workouts


This workout list will be updated throughout the course of the Challenge. 
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30 Day Instagram Bonus Move Challenge: @BenderFitness

The full list of Bonus Moves can be found HERE. The Bonus moves can be done in addition to your workouts, or as a stand alone challenge. 

 If you are joining me for the challenge don't forget to check in on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. The check in posts are a great way to stay motivated and on track. :)

During the challenge, please remember to listen to your body. If you need a rest day take one, and then continue with the program. You can also alternate an active rest or yoga day for one of the workouts. 

HIIT the New Year Hard Workout 1: Full Body
Workout 2: Quick Core Workout: Core Workout
Workout 3: Lower Body
Workout 4: Full Body Standing Dumbbell Workout
Workout 5: 20 Minute Cardio HIIT & Sweat or 20 Minute Tummy Toner
Workout 6: 30 Minute Yoga Flow& Stretch
Workout 7: 15 Minute Cardio HIIT Fat Burn

Week 2:
Workout 8: Love HIIT: 10 Minute Dumbbell Workout
Workout 9: Arms and Back
Workout 10: 20 Minute Belly Fat Burn
Workout 11: Better Booty Workout: Glutes, Hamstrings, Thighs & Legs or Interval Treadmill Workout
Workout 12: Full Body Workout
Workout 13: 20 Minute Sculpt & Sweat
Workout 14: 30 Minute Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Fusion

Week 3: 
Workout 15: Bubble Butt Cardio Burn
Workout 16: Arms & Abs HIIT and/or Standing Abs & Thighs Workout
Workout 17: Plyo HIIT Fat Burning Body Sculpt
Workout 18: Power Interval Workout with Cardio
Workout 19: 100-200 Rep Full Body Workout & Cardio
Workout 20: Abs & Core Galore
Workout 21: 22 Minute HIIT Sweat Body Weight Workout

Week 4:
Workout 22: Strengthen, Sweat & Run
Workout 23: 20 Minute HIIT Boot Camp
Workout: 24: 10 Minute Core Sculpt Workout
Workout: 25: In the Mood Full Body Workout
Workout 26: Dancer Body Workout
Workout 27: Yoga Flow Workout: Lean Stretch Fat Burn
Workout 28: 20 Minute HIIT Core & Legs

Workout 29: Plyo HIIT Workout: Burn Fat Fast
Workout 30: 15 Minute HIIT Interval Workout: Body Weight


  1. Hi Melissa. I signed up/paid but I'm having trouble logging on website. Could you tell me if you see me as registered? Jessica Wilder

    1. It shows you as registered. Are you logging in from your phone or computer?

    2. I have a hard time clicking the links in the diet bet app but the site works fine and I'm using
      my phone. Thanks for doing this. You're awesome!

  2. Thanks for sharing your workouts and for free! You are so inspirational working a full time job and being so consistent with your fitness plus helping others get fit too! I love them!

    1. I love what I do! Thank you very much. :)

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  4. Melissa thank you so much for all you do for us! I just finished 1st workout while my baby girl is asleep. Can't wait to do the whole 3 months challange. All the best, Dasha from UK

    1. :) It can be tough fitting in workouts with a little one. Good job getting it in!

  5. I was hoping you could tell me if the workouts are to be done alone or in conjunction with an additional cardio session?

    1. You can pair it with cardio if you want to increase the burn. It's important to listen to your body. I pair some of the workouts with cardio, and do some of them alone. Typically if I do just the workout I repeat it 1-3X. If I am pairing with cardio I do 1-2 rounds and 30 minutes of cardio.

  6. I'm just beginning the program today Tuesday, should I start with workout number one or pick up with workout number five?

  7. I am starting today I can't wait to see the results!! I will make sure to give you shout out on instagram at the end :)

  8. Can't find the jump rope workout. Please repost link. Thanks

    1. Here is a link to the youtube video: :)

  9. Hi Melissa please could you repost link to the jump rope workout.

  10. Hello pretty Melissa. Just want to say Thank You for all these kickass program. I love your workouts. Keep up with the great work and I love your smile! Love, Pauline, Kota Kinabalu.

    1. I have been training with you since January 2015. I enjoyed and look forward to workout with you everyday Melissa. Love all your workouts! I think I simply love your workouts because you incorporated yoga, and also, the variations of the exercise moves that keep me moving. And also your smiles! Really thank you and please keep it up! You're definitely one of the bests, maybe the best of all the best online trainers out there. Love ya!

    2. :D Thank you!!! I love what I do and I am so happy that it shows.

  11. Greetings from Greece my dearest and beautifull Melissa!
    I am following your workouts since 2012 and i have to tell that my body has improved very much!
    Thank you sooooo much for being my free personal trainer for the past 3 years!
    I feel like u are my dearest friend!
    Love, Eleni Dim!

    1. Thank you so much! :) I am glad to be training with you.

  12. Hi Melissa, I've been following your workouts for the past year and have achieved great results! I haven't as yet managed to complete more than one round on any of the workouts but like to think I can manage it soon :) The wedge hasbeen bad of late in the UK so not got many runs in either! Keep up the fab work your an inspiration! Verity x

  13. Hi lovely Melissa!
    I started your programme last week, and I'm feeling stronger and healthier even now when in thiscearly phase. Will you please advise me, if it is better to repeat a workout, or pair it with another one? Usually I like to mix your workouts, since I easily get bored by repeating only one, but still I want to know which method is more effecient.

    1. You will get an effective workout either way, so if you enjoy mixing workouts I say stick with that. You are more likely to consistently stick with a program you enjoy. :) Just be sure you are taking rest days!