Sunday, December 8, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 7: Wedding Boot Camp Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

For Day 7 of the 30 Day Workout Challenge I was joined by two very special people. My sister Kristen, and her fiance Jason are getting married in 6 months. They want to be in the best shape of their lives for their special day, and their training started with this workout. 

We took measurements and starting pictures and will be tracking their progress over the next 6 months until the big day! 
Waist: 29 inches
Hips: 41.5 inches
Thighs: 35.5 inches. 

Waist: 44 inches
Hips: 46 inches
Biceps: 15.5 inches

Kristen and Jason pushed really hard during the workout. For the cardio portion they alternated on the treadmill, jumping rope, jumping jacks and high knees. They kept moving the entire time during the cardio segments. 

The workout breakdown is below, and a full length version of the video will follow. :)
Enjoy the workout!

PS Special thanks to both Kristen and Jason. It can be intimidating to workout on camera, but they both did great!

*Intervals: 10 seconds of rest between exercises, 50 seconds max reps. 
This workout is broken up into 5 minute intervals, with 5 minutes of cardio between sections. 
Total time: 25 minutes.

1. Side Squat
2. Romanian Deadlift
3. Plie Jump
4. Hip Thrust (right)
5. Hip Thrust (left)

*5 minutes cardio

6. Plank
7. Bicycle Scissor
8. Mountain Climber
9. Leg/Hip Lift
10. Frogger

*5 minutes cardio

11. Bent Over Row (right)
12. Bent Over Row (left)
13. Walk the Plank
14. Tricep Dip
15. Decline Pushup or Plank

Romanian Deadlifts
Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks, Jason was on the Treadmill
Jumping Jacks for Cardio
Post Workout Stretch


  1. I completed the workout without the cardio in-between, as I am working back into the workouts after having a surgery a few days ago. Although I am starting off super slow, I am hoping to improve on the number of reps completed as I increase my intensity.

  2. I'm regularly following your tutorial Melissa and I believe after completion of this there will be a huge improvement, though I have recently started performing workout and I got tired very soon still I'm coping with this to get the advantage.

  3. I had to go back and finish a few things on this one before I could consider it complete! BUT now it officially is! I am not as accountable if I don't have a video to follow the entire time... :/

  4. I started this challenge after having a brutal labor and delivery, emergency c section and hemorrhage. For the first time since my daughter was born, I feel strong again. And after only 1 week! I'm looking forward to getting back my competition body!