Sunday, March 16, 2014

30 Day Challenge: Day 16: Power Yoga Sun Salutations

Hi Everyone!

I worked this morning, and then had a St. Patrick's Day dinner with my family, so I haven't had time to film today's workout yet.  Here is an older workout that combines yoga with dumbbells. It is by no means a traditional yoga flow, but the combination of movements is very challenging and different. 

Studies have shown that stretching during your workout improves your bodies ability to build muscle. Flexibility also helps prevent injury. 

This yoga flow combines Sun Salutations with traditional fitness movements (lunges, rows, romanian deadlifts). I used two twenty pound dumbbells, but you can select any weight you would like, or complete the exercises with body weight only. For traditional sun salutations check out this link: 

Enjoy the workout!

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Repeat 1-4X


  1. Looking forward to doing this workout tomorrow morning. Love that both of your cats decided to join you I'm a cat person as well. >^-.-^<

  2. Did it twice!! Thanks, Melissa! Greetings from Romania! ;)