Saturday, March 28, 2015

BodyRock Bootcamp | Melissa Bender | Week 1 Workout Schedule

Hi Everyone!

This is Workout #1 of my 10 Week Workout Series with The video is posted below. 

For the next 10 weeks one workout per week will be released on Thursdays at and  

I have been getting a lot of questions about how often to do this workout, and if it should be paired with other workouts. 

I have created a weekly workout schedule with some of my existing workouts that incorporates this workout. You can also do it in addition to the new workouts that I will be posting this week or incorporate it into your normal schedule. 

Let me know what you think of the workout! I hope you all enjoy it! I am currently en-route to San Francisco. I will be filming new workouts while I am there!

Have fun!

Week 1 Workout Schedule

Day 1: BodyRock BootCamp: Week 1- Repeat 1-4X

Day 2: 20 Minute Core Cardio Fat Burn HIIT- Repeat 1-3X

Day 3: Lower Body Low Impact Workout: Quite, No Jumping - Repeat 1-4X

Day 4: Full Body Standing Dumbbell Workout- Repeat 1-3X

Day 5: 20 Minute Yoga Stretch & Strength and/or Stretches to Improve Flexibility for Splits

Day 6: BodyRock BootCamp: Week 1 - Repeat 1-4X

Day 7: Rest

***If you would like to incorporate running into this schedule you can add 20-30 minutes of running to any workout day. Be sure to listen to your body and rest/decrease the number of rounds as needed. 

Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 12 Rounds of 10/50. 


  1. Thanks for making working out so much easier!

  2. Do you recommend running (or biking) first or after the workout? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for posting a week of workouts! These next 7 days are going to be busy busy busy for me and it's nice to have a schedule of different workouts. Just one less thing I have to do. Awesome, thank you!

  4. The countdown timer was a nice touch!

  5. I love the countdown timer. It's nice to be able to see how much time I have left! :)

  6. How much rest time between sets?