Saturday, June 30, 2012

Standing 10 Minute Ab Workout Real Time: Melissa Bender

Hi Everyone,

I filmed two new workouts today. The first workout is a 10 minute standing ab routine. The video is below. This is a nice workout that doesn't require you to get on the floor, and has no traditional crunches. It will get you really sweaty, and workout your entire core without straining your neck. 

The second workout I am uploading is a 10 minute hamstring, thigh, and butt workout. These tend to be the major areas people worry about as summer approaches. Both of these workouts still hit all of the major areas of your body, but they focus on strengthening and toning the muscles in the areas I specified. 

I got to wear my new workout pants from bodyrock sport today! They are aptly called the "Melissa" pants. They are really comfortable, and very cute! 

I hope you enjoy today's workout!

10 seconds of rest, 50 seconds max reps

Repeat 1-3X.

1. Squat Twist
2. Oblique Drop (right)
3. Oblique Drop (left)
4. Rotating Lunge (right)
5. Rotating Lunge (left)
6. Side Angle Reach (right)
7. Side Angle Reach (left)
8. Dancing Goddess Pose
9. Standing Leg Lift (right)
10. Standing Leg Lift (left)


  1. Looking like the dynamo that you are. You are a superhero!! xoxo

  2. Great workout. Lara

  3. I have to say, I've been doing this workout every other day after my 15 min. of cardio and I felt it after the first time! LOVE it. Thanks so much!

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  5. This is my favorite ab workout!

  6. This is my faborite ab workout too! I do 30 min of cardo, followed by 3 rounds of this! I love it! The only thing I don't like, is the guy who films these, he is so annoying!

  7. please show this video again....

    1. after I posted this, it worked. I couldn't see any video before

    2. Love the workout. Where did you buy your timer that you wear? Would love to get one!

  8. Just did this and love it.