Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Low-Cal Pumpkin Spice Muffins: Only TWO Ingredients

Hi Everyone,

I made low calorie pumpkin spice muffins yesterday and got great reviews from my husband and his friends! The recipe is simple, and only calls for two ingredients. I have been seeing this posted all over Pinterest so I decided to give it a try. 

These muffins are delicious, and only have 180 calories each. This recipe makes 12 muffins. To give you a comparison a Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Muffin has 600 calories. Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffin has 420 calories and Panera Bread Pumpkin Muffins have 590 calories. 

You can use a different flavor of cake mix if you prefer. Next time I may use Devil's Food Cake, because I think it will be delicious. 


1 Box of Cake Mix (I used Duncan Hines Spice Cake)
1 15 oz Can Pure Pumpkin

Pre-heat over to 350 Degrees

Combine Ingredients in a bowl. 

Stir/Beat until well combined. The mix will be nice and thick. 

I use re-useable cupcake/muffin liners when I bake, and no butter or spray coating is necessary. Fill Muffin cups about 3/4 as pictured. For smaller muffins use less mix. 

Bake 20-25 Minutes at 350 Degrees. Remove from oven when you can insert a toothpick and it comes out clean. Enjoy! These are delicious hot or cold. 


  1. I've done the devils food cake before Its delicious! I love to pick up canned pumpkin in the fall when it is super cheap! Cake mix can be pretty inexpensive too if you watch the adds. Point is, I make these and freeze them. I can't wait to try the pumpkin spice though!

    1. I didn't even think of freezing them! Great idea. Now I will definitely have to try the Devil's Food Cake. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, I am so making these!!