Monday, October 15, 2012

Burpee Blitz Workout

Hi Everyone,

Today's workout is fun, but it is a challenge. How many times can you get through this workout? I did it once before cross country practice, but I am going to go through the challenge tonight and see how many times I can make it through. 

Anywhere from 1-3X will give you a great workout. Form is always number one, so I am going to see if I can get through it three times with good form. If I start to lose my form I will either modify to make it easier, or I will reduce the number of rounds. 

I will update everyone on the end results of this workout, so check back!


Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

*Unless otherwise noted. 

Repeat 1-3X, or complete as many rounds as possible for time. I will time my workout and share the number of rounds this evening. 

1. 5 Burpees
2. 1 Leg Plank Pulse (right)
3. 5 Burpees
4. 1 Leg Plank Pulse (left)
5. 5 Burpees
6. 3 Way Plie Pulse
7. 5 Burpees
8. Leg Lift/Hip Lift
9. 5 Burpees
10. Side Plank Pulse (right)
11. 5 Burpees
12. Side Plank Pulse (left)

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  1. I will be trying this!! Looks awesome. Thanks! New follower.