Thursday, October 4, 2012

Target Area: Full Body Workout (Full Length)

Hi Everyone,

This is the complete Target Area workout that I posted the other day. I posted all three parts separately  but I thought some of you might prefer a compiled video if you are going to do the entire workout. This workout incorporates arms, abs, and lower body. It's a nice challenge. 

I will also be posting a new workout today. 

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

Target 1: Arms
1. Reverse Push Up
2. Tricep Push Up Right
3. Tricep PushUp Left
4. Up/Down Dog (Dive Bombers)
5. Squat Lift
6. Decline Push Up

Target 2: Lower Body
1. Bulgarian Split Squat Right
2. Bulgarian Split Squat Left
3. Ninja Jump
4. Warrior Deadlift Right
5. Warrior Deadlift Left
6. Lunge Jump

Target 3: Abs
1. Knee Drop Plank
2. Cheek to Cheek Plank
3. Bicycle
4. Full Flexion Leg Lift
5. Temple Tap Abs
6. Handstand


  1. hi. I'm new to your blog, just had a baby 5 weeks ago and trying to get back to it. Having a hard time doing dive bombers I'd there a mod I can start with to build up to them?

    1. Hello... you can try doing them on your knees.

  2. Hello Melissa,

    I see that you are using a dip station. I am considering investing in either an equalizer or a dip station. Which one do you recommend?