Thursday, October 18, 2012

Month 4 Workouts

This is a high intensity month of workouts. Twenty-five different workouts in one month. 

Week 1:

Day 1:
New Year, New You Workout

Day 2:
Win the Cellu-fight Workout

Day 3:
Tight Thighs and Arms Fat Burn Workout

Day 4:
Hard Butt Tight Abs

Day 5:
Full Body Stretch: Great For Runners

Day 6:
Sweat it Off

Day 7:

Week 2:

Day 8:
15 Minute High Intensity Full Length Workout

Day 9:
Metabolism Boosting Exercise Challenge

Day 10:
Hot and Hard Workout

Day 11:
Intensity Workout

Day 12:
Strong Lean Tight

Day 13:
Bombshell Body Part 1: Bombshell Fat Burn
Bombshell Body Part 2: Bombshell Butt
Bombshell Body Part 3: Bombshell Abs

Day 14:

Week 3:

Day 15:
All About Abs

Day 16:
Quick Kick in the Calories

Day 17:
Brick House Workout

Day 18:
Jiggle Proof Thighs and Butt

Day 19:
10 Minute Total Core Toner

Day 20:
Killer Curves Workout

Day 21: 

Week 4:

Day 22:
Flab Free Arms and Abs

Day 23:
20 Minute Full Length HIIT (How To)

Day 24:
Beginners Workout: Mommy Makeover

Day 25:
Beginners Workout: Building Strength

Day 26:
Make Me Sweat

Day 27:
Ab-tastic Workout

Day 28:


  1. Her whole body is well-toned. I can't believe it's quite possible because I could only go as far as my lipo in perth could give me. Nevertheless, this body is an inspiration to every ladies out there.

  2. Do you only do the workouts listed or do you do added cardio? Also, how long is your complete workout everyday approx.?

  3. I would also like to know if you add anything to this or if this is exactly what you do?