Saturday, April 27, 2013

Low Impact 8 Minute Interval Part 2: Weighted Abs/Core

Hi Everyone!

This is part two of my Low Impact Workout. This section of the workout is focused on the core. You can find part one here: Low Impact Workout Part 1: Lower Body

This workout can be done with or without weights. I used a 20 lb dumbbell during this workout. It's a nice challenge, and it's good for your body to switch up your workout routine. 

This workout can be repeated 1-3X on it's own, or in conjunction with part 1. 


All Levels: Max Reps During Each 50 Second Interval.
*Focus on Form. 
Repeat 1-3X. 

1. Russian Twist
2. Weighted V-Up
3. Right Plank Row
4. Weighted Hip Lift
5. Left Plank Row
6. Weighted Crunch Twist
7. Weight Drag Plank
8. Back Extension or Superman

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