Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Home Workout Plan

Hi Everyone!

I had such great feedback from last weeks workout plan (Exercise and Multi-Tasking: Weekly Workout Plan) that I decided to do it again this week. 

This weeks plan is well rounded, and includes 6 days of work, and 1 day of rest. Remember to listen to your body. Some weeks I take 2 days of rest because my body needs it. Rest days are just as important as working days. :) 

Enjoy this weeks workout plan!

Monday: Hotel Room Workout: Full Body

Tuesday: Exercise Tummy Tuck: No Surgery Required

Wednesday: 15 Minute Body Weight Interval Workout

Thursday: Guns and Glutes

Friday: Power Interval Workout with Treadmill (body weight options available)

Saturday: 23 Minute Yoga Fitness Flow


  1. Thanks! I love having my workouts scheduled for the week. Having the videos available on the same page makes it even better.

  2. Yes yes yes awesome! I was very much hoping you would do a plan again, i love this and your workouts! Great motivation to start the week strong. :) and btw you look so amazing in the top picture!

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