Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Full Body Yoga Stretch

Good Morning Everyone,

Last night I filmed this full body stretching routine. The moves in this video are all part of my normal stretching. As I mention in the video, I have been feeling that my hip flexors are getting a bit tight so I have been doing more stretching. 

Stretching has a plethora of benefits. It helps keep your muscles strong, and allows blood and oxygen to flow more easily to your muscles. Flexibility helps prevent injuries, and maintain alignment and balance throughout your body. 

Think of your muscles like leather. When leather is left out in the sun it shortens, and becomes dry and brittle. The same thing can happen to your muscles if you don't stretch. The good news is that even if your muscles have already shortened, with dedicated stretching you can re-lubricate them and increase your range of motion. 

Also, tight muscles cause many problems. Back and knee pain are two of the leading problems that can be directly related the shortened muscles. Tight hamstrings, and tightness of the IT band can be very painful. 

So have I convinced you of the importance of stretching yet? If you don't stretch already try adding it into your routine. If none of the reasons above have motivated you, maybe knowing that stretching can increase muscle gains when you workout will do it. :) Whatever your reason, be sure to stretch!



  1. Thank you for the yoga videos, I love them.

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  3. I really enjoy your yoga flows. They are such a great compliment to my workouts.

  4. Your yoga videos are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!